Internet of Things

IoT growth is one of the main technology trends in 2020. By connecting sensors, devices, machines, vehicles, it has a great impact on our world. There are many IoT use cases across different industries involving: 

  • connected cars
  • remote equipment/inventory tracking
  • traffic/environmental monitoring
  • bedside telemetry
  • remote patient health management
  • connected oil field exploration
  • construction machinery management
  • digital signage
  • supply chain traceability
  • smart home automation
  • water/energy consumption monitoring
  • other.

Statista predicts the global IoT market revenue will reach about $1.6 trillion by 2025. Construction, telecommunication, healthcare are those sectors that will see the fastest compound annual growth rates (CAGR), with 15.0%, 14.2%, and 13.6% respectively (IDC report).IoT can offer various advantages, allowing businesses to collect large data amounts, accelerate different processes, prevent equipment breakdown, ensure inventory management without losses, reduce operating costs.

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